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Why we improved our Premium Ferret Diet Formula

Premium Ferret Diet

Marshall Pet never stops seeking ways to better serve customers and their pets, and consumer input has helped us improve our premium ferret diet formula. We've increased the amount of poultry to enhance ferrets' growth and overall health while limiting concerns about odor. The increased amino acid profile improves digestibility, and the new formula maintains the highest level of quality and freshness that Marshall Pet customers have come to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the new formula cost more?

The change allows us to maintain a consistent price.

Why do the pellets look different?

The new formula has resulted in a slightly lighter color, but the high quality has not changed.

How did you reduce the odor?

We have decreased the level of fish protein. To maintain the high protein levels, we increased in poultry organ meat, which improves the formula's amino acid profile.

How does the new formula affect the product's overall level of protein?

We use more fresh meat protein than any other ferret food. In fact, it takes six pounds of fresh chicken to make a 7 pound bag. Our patented slow-cook and vacuum drying process protects the nutritional integrity of the food.

Can you guarantee the quality of the new formula?

Yes. For more than 70 years, Marshall has been the premier breeder of world-class baby ferrets. We are experts in nutrition for all stages of a ferret's life, and no other manufacturer has this experience of knowledge.

Is corn included in the formula? Why do you use corn filler?

Marshall does use corn as a source of carbohydrate to complement the high meat content. Research has shown and experience proves that corn is an excellent carbohydrate when formulated properly, which helps prevent serious long-term health problems.

Is there a Marshall diet formula that is grain free?

Marshall has developed a new ferret diet called, Carnivore Plus. Carnivore Plus is grain free and gluten free and made with fresh chicken as the #1 ingredient. It's packed with nutrients and amino acids preserved by our slow-cook process.

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