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Marshall Pet Products announces 3 new products for SuperZoo 2012

Sep 7, 2012

Marshall Pet Products will debut three innovative new products at SuperZoo 2012: 180XT, a stain, odor and pheromone remover; Good Mews®, a biodegradable litter made from 100% recycled paper pellets; and Pet Solutions, an all-natural first aid support formula made with electrolyzed oxidizing water. As new additions to the Earth's Balance line of pet solutions, each of these products upholds Marshall's commitment to making people's and pets' lives easier with earth-friendly solutions.

180XT is a revolution in pet stain removal. It's enzyme-free, non-yellowing, biodegradable and works in three minutes with three easy steps: soak, scrub, and blot. The formula's unique bubbling action penetrates deep to lift away the stain's actual molecules, erasing it completely.

All-natural Good Mews® litter fills a void in the alternative and natural litter categories. It's 100% recycled and dust-free, so it's easier on the earth—and your cat. Advanced technology means its odor and moisture control are comparable if not superior to standard clay litters.

Pet Solutions is safe, effective, gentle, and proven to help pets' wounds heal faster. It treats a wide variety of day-to-day pet problems: minor cuts and scrapes, larger abrasions, hot spots, insect bites, sunburn, skin irritations and more.

Marshall Pet Products will offer 30% off all orders at SuperZoo in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 11 - September 13 at the Marshall Pet Products Booth, #1947. Discounts for Good Mews Cat Litter are also available at the show for half and full trailer loads. Come check out our discounts and hold and pet the baby ferrets!

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