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Press Release: Marshall Pet Products Celebrates 75 Years of Raising Happy, Healthy Ferrets

Jan 5, 2014

WOLCOTT, NY, JAN 1st, 2014 – Marshall Farms has carefully hand-raised the world's friendliest ferrets since 1939. That's 75 years of happy, healthy ferrets!

Beginning more than seven decades ago, the Marshall family took a relatively unknown category and grew it into a thriving business. Maintaining a family-operated business for this long is a testament to their success in breeding ferrets. Today, they remain the largest breeder on the planet, and continue to move forward and expand into other mainstream pet categories while keeping their sights set on new and revolutionary ideas.

Back in 1939, the Marshall family began raising ferrets in the backyard of their family farm. Mr. Marshall grew up with a farming background, and had a keen interest in many types of animals, especially ferrets. Back in those days, it was common practice for farmers to keep a ferret as a pet for hunting rabbits or for rodent control.
Later, as farm ferrets became more and more popular, the Marshalls expanded their hobby into a full business of selling high-quality pet ferrets. The business continues to be family-owned and operated to this day.

The company continually increases its lineup of products that enhance the ferret ownership experience and beyond. Beginning in 1993, Marshall Pet Products has steadily expanded its market, first starting with ferret-support items such as sturdy and comfortable hammocks, escape-proof harness and lead sets, bell collars, premium homes, top-of-the-line nutrition, grooming, vitamins, supplements, toys and more.

The company is now reaching out to other pets and pet owners, providing nutrition, grooming, health care items, treats and so much more for cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs and other small animals.

“We’re going slowly to produce more for small mammals, cats and dogs,” President Pete Reid has said. “The ferret niche has seen a lot of growth…. As we move forward, we understand that our expertise can help us in not only maintaining a stronghold in the category but also reaching out to other mainstream areas and expanding our offerings.”

Marshall’s Earth’s Balance brand focuses on natural solutions for everyday pet problems such as itching, dander, hot spots, odor control, and even lawn care issues. It’s a line of unique, effective problem-solving products for the Pet and Lawn/Garden Industries, utilizing natural and organic ingredients, enzymes and biostimulants, along with cutting edge technology that will help detoxify the earth. All Earth’s Balance Products are made in the USA.

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About Marshall Pet Products
Since 1993, Marshall Pet Products has provided innovative pet solutions for cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, gerbils, and guinea pigs. Top brands include Earth’s Balance, GoodBye Odor, 180XT, Pet Solutions and Good Mews. Marshall is committed to continually researching and developing new products to enhance the special bond that pet owners have with their pets, and was recognized with two Pet Business Industry Recognition Awards and one BlogPaws Award in 2012.

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