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G-Whiz Lawn Saver 32 oz.

Helps keep lawns green! Under-metabolized proteins create ammonia in dog urine, which can cause yellow spots on your lawn. G-Whiz is a natural liquid supplement that provides 10 key amino acids dogs need to properly metabolize proteins.
• Lowers ammonia levels in dog urine that burn lawns
• Helps reduce unpleasant breath, body and fecal odors
• Veterinarian and trainer approved

  • Product Number: GWD-304
  • UPC : 766501303049
  • Made In The USA: YES

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Yes, I have been using G-Whiz for the past 9 years. When My husband and I moved to a home on an acre lot we had two dogs at that time and it did not take long for them to start ruining our lawn. A friend told us about G-Whiz and we have been loyal customers ever since. We now have 5 dogs and our lawn still looks great. We do not know what we would do if we ran out. Our friends and neighbors always compliment us on how great our yard looks despite having so many dogs. Thanks so much!

Angela Wienckowski

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