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Skunk Free 32 oz.

Skunk Odor Remover. All-natural Skunk Free is a fast-acting spray that helps remove, not mask, offensive skunk odors. It works fast to break down the odor-causing components in skunk spray.
• To use, saturate pet's coat down to the skin and let dry

• Veterinarian and trainer recommended
• Also great for cats
  • Product Number: SFD-308
  • Made In The USA: YES

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I am the Director of Sales and Marketing at Marshall Pet Products, so obviously I have access to samples and testing of products that we sell. The story starts with our chocolate lab Cassie who is an 85lb lap dog and about the most affectionate animal around. Being a dog, living in the country - she was sprayed on the side of the face by a skunk in our yard (only one side, but enough to get your attention from a long distance). Well here was my chance to see first hand how Skunk Free worked and believe me, I was skeptical at first and with great reason considering the pungent odor of a skunk. I took an 8oz bottle out of my car from a sample pack and sprayed Cassie's face liberally (using about 2/3rds of the bottle) and did not work it in like the directions indicated. Cassie thought it was great as she licked at the spray with her tongue. I walked away for few minutes and returned to absolutely NO skunk odor at all. I have no problem putting my personal guarantee on this product. It works great!



Paul Juszczak - Ontario, NY

I was given a bottle of Skunk Free at a Trade Show, stuck it in a cabinet and forgot about it. Many months later, I got in a very bad, heavily skunked dog... my regular skunk solution didn't seem to take it out completely. I tried the Skunk Free and he only had a trace of the skunk in his nose (sinuses)... I was so happy, and so was his owner. When the dog came back 8 weeks later, and I wetted him down for his bath, I did not smell the skunk one bit. I definitely want to use and sell this in my salon.

Sherri - Lebanon, PA

Thank you very much for the bottle of your product "Skunk Free" that I won through the Modern Dog online giveaway. It arrived today by priority mail. I have read the label & smelled the product and I have to say that I am impressed by what I have learned so far. Being a county 4-H Dog Project leader, I am sure that before this year's dog program is over, at least one 4-H member's dog will have had an encounter with a skunk. Thanks to your product, this year, I can recommend a method to deal with the smell. Once again, thank you!

Sandy G. - Moundsville, WV

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