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Avian Solution for Birds 32 oz.

Daily Bath Spray. Avian Solution is a multi-use spray that leaves feathers naturally clean, fresh and vibrant. Thanks to the oxidizing power of electrolyzed water, it cleanses safely and naturally. This product is approved by Marc Morrone, "The Petkeeper" on Sirius® Satellite Radio.
• Contains no soap or lanolin
• Restores ecological balance to skin and feather terrain
• Helps prevent feather plucking

  • Product Number: ASB-501
  • UPC : 766501305012
  • Made In The USA: YES

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My name is Edward E. Avery Jr. I am the president of The Priceless Parrot Preserve Inc., the first rescue organization for the permanent care of large exotic birds in New York State. We take in abused, unwanted, and abandoned exotic birds. We do not breed, sell, or re-adopt out any birds we care for. We care for well over 100 birds at the preserve and we also have an exhibit at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, Long Island. As you can imagine it's a real job cleaning up after that many birds and especially in the exhibit where it has to look good all the time. We wanted to let you know what a great product your Avian Solution is. Many time the birds we rescue come in plucked and some bleeding due to stress and/or abuse. Your avian solution helps sooth their wounds and revitalizes their skin to help with feather plucking. We have instructed the people that help us care for all our birds to use this when cleaning their cages too. It helps keep their cages and perches free from bacteria and fungus. We us it in the aviary at Atlantis also. I'm so glad I found this product but I'm even more glad that you invented it. You have a lifetime customer now! Thank you Earth's Balance, for caring about some of the problems we have caring for our flock.

Edward E. - Ridge, NY

Dear Sir:
I love your product for birds, for myself!
I pass the word every chance I get that this is what you need for feather regrowth, for skin health andfor healthy hair regrowth, etc.
We have been buying raising and selling birds for about 30 years now. So…I get to tell quite a few peopleabout your product. I hope they have as good results as I have.
Sincerely,Eleta E. Burns“Burns’ Birds”Canton, Texas 75103

Eleta Burns - Canton, TX

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