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"My husband just bought me a baby ferret from We love pets in Zanesville Ohio. I LOVE HER. Her name is Bela. She is so sweet."

Jeanne - Coshocton, Ohio

"I think that ferrets are great and now that i have 8 of them they are so cudly and loveing i want more"

Russell - Wayne, NJ

"I have a mini-flop earred rabbit named Groucho Marx. When he was little, he had black circles around his eyes and a big black moustache. He loves to tear the straw mats!!"

Linda - Idaho Falls, ID

"I got my Fuzzy "Buddy" last week and already I am so in love with him. he makes me laugh everyday and no matter how long or hard or stressful the day seeing him waiting eagerly for me when I get home makes my day. He is a trouble maker but he is the best pet I have had."

Aaron - Klamath falls Or, OR

My ferrets love this bed! I can never get them out of it and when I do all they want to do is get back in! Super Product Marshall!

Simon - Omaha, Nebraska

The Pirate Ship Hammock. My babies love it more then any toy or bed!


Super thru way tube!! the best ever! i have 8 fuzzies and they love it we all do!!


I love the ferrets and also i love the beds and the Good bye Odor that goes in their water.


The Pirate ship is her favorite place to sleep. And the original food is the ONLY thing she will eat.


Bandit treats by far all I got to do is rattle the bag and they come running!


Our 7 (current...9 passed) babies have all been Marshall Ferret food fed, they get nothing else (other than the Marshall treats), and are very happy and healthy ferrets. We wouldn't think of feeding them anything else. And I'd bet all of our babies have been Marshall babies. You know what you're about and it's so comforting to know. THANKS


My favorite is Marshall's Ferret food. I've raised 6 babies on it, 3 have passed away and I still have 3 who are happy and healthy and love their food. Even my cats try to get into the ferret food lol.


Marshall's Premium Ferret Diet is the best when we first got our two fur butties we tried another brand but they didn't seem to like it after some research I went to our local pet store and asked her to order in some Marshall's food for and they love it no diarrhea, healthy fur we use various Marshall products now like fur ball stopper and treats, even toys like the octopus and the crinkle flower bed and so much more I shop on line then take item I want to the my pet store and she orders things for me.... Nothing beats Marshall's and I swear by it.


“Thank you for sending me the Good Bye Odor to try. I couldn't believe the difference in my dog and cat's breath. The best part about it is that my cats kitty litter has NO ODOR!! I was truly amazed. I have told my family and friends with pets about this product. My sister's dog is twelve, and has had the worst breath ever. She has tried everything from doggie breath mints, to various dog treats. Good Bye Odor was the only thing that completely deodorized her dog's bad breath. I just wanted to thank you again for letting me try this product. I will continue to spread the word.”


6 days is all it took for us to realize we didn’t have to hold our noses anymore when we cleaned the litter box!

SP - Richmond, VA

Small apartments and animal odors are a bad combo, so when I read about your product I thought to myself, ‘if this works, it will be fantastic!’ and guess what? It’s FANTASTIC!

LD - New York, NY

Awesome product! I got a free sample from a pet show and was skeptical at first, but my dog no longer smells like poo poo and my kids don't complain about his bad breath anymore. This is a must have!

Chris - Syracuse, NY

It’s about time someone came out with a product that is safe AND works! Thank you! Cody no longer has stinky body odors.

Kristy - St. Paul, MN

I received my free sample bottle and have been using it for a little over a week now. I have 6 cats (yes 6 "kids") I have definitely started to notice a difference. I would like to order more before I run out. They have a platinum Drinkwell™ fountain and a regular bowl (I change daily so the "kids" have fresh water) so I am hoping you sell it in a larger bottle. look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You!


Gail - Kingmon, AZ

GoodBye Odor is unique and it would be a great benefit to a lot of people!” It used to be called Bi-Odor.


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