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Gold and Silver Dealer Program

Gold & Silver Program

Join our Marshall Pet Gold and Silver Dealer Program

There's more to being the industry leader than providing the highest quality ferret products–we take care of our dealers, too! That's why we've created the Marshall Pet Gold and Silver Dealer Program to give you everything you need to help grow your business. Marshall Pet supports its stellar network of dealers with consistent marketing, sales, and product education at both the business and consumer levels.

In return, we request that you maintain and carry our best selling ferret items.

Why Marshall Gold and Silver?

In a word: opportunity! When you join Marshall's authorized network of distributors, you become part of a very powerful team. Whether you're an entrepreneur or established commercial business, Marshall Pet will offer you the products, training, and opportunities you need to move your business forward.

With Marshall Pet as your manufacturer, you can rely on:

  • Unique and diversified ferret product offerings
  • Personal attention and customer service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Competitive pricing
  • Consistent product supply
  • Global marketing and technical support
  • Exclusive recognition

Simply put, we're the best-known brand in the business. Our specialized experience in this category is sure to place you ahead of the competition!

Marshall Ferrets

Marshall Gold & Silver Dealer Benefits Package

When you become a Marshall Gold or Silver Dealer, you gain access to the highest quality ferret products in the industry.

Each Gold/Silver Dealer package includes:

1. Marshall Pet Product catalogs

2. One "ferret anatomy" poster

3. Colorful store window clings announcing your status as an authorized Marshall Gold Dealer (Gold Dealer only)

4. Planogram (to help maximize your shelf space for better ROI)

5. Priority web search presence (your store shows up #1 on a search for your zip code)

6. QR codes on ALL print advertisements

7. One free Cruising Critter Raceway for in-store events

8. First to market product opportunities

About Marshall Pet Products

Marshall Farms has been the premier ferret provider since 1939 and is world-renowned for breeding the world's friendliest ferrets. Since 1993, Marshall Pet Products has provided innovative pet solutions for cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, gerbils, and guinea pigs. Top brands include Earth's
Balance, GoodBye Odor, 180XT, Pet Solutions, and Pill Paste. Marshall is committed
to continually researching and developing new products to enhance
the special bond that pet owners have with their pets.

To become a Marshall Gold/Silver Dealer, contact or call 1-800-292-3424.

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